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  - download free evals of  Visual MIB Browser Professional, or Visual MIB Browser  or download free, full version of Visual MIB Browser Basic
    - download Standard and Enterprise track MIBs here

These easy-to-use Windows applications are essential for anyone who is managing or developing SNMP-related applications or agents.  They allow users to receive and log SNMP Traps, monitor, manage, archive, and analyze data retrieved from SNMP Agents.  All NuDesign SNMP MIB Browsers come integrated with powerful MIB Compiler as well as with MIB Viewer and MIB Editor applications.  The MIB handling capabilities include automatic resolution of MIB IMPORT dependencies, and convenient management of loaded and available for loading MIB modules.

Visual MIB Browser Basic - provides basic support for SNMPv1 and v2.  It present the user with the MIB tree based GUI interface and performs simple Get or Walk operations on user configured SNMP agents.  It comes with full feature NuDesign's MIB Compiler providing for compiling, viewing and editing of MIB modules.  It is licensed as free of charge SNMP application.

Visual MIB Browser - provides fully featured support for SNMPv1 and v2, allowing users to perform additional tasks such as auto-discovering SNMP Agents, setting alarm thresholds and alarms, sending and receiving Traps and Informs, then real-time data charting and graphing, performing Get, Set, Log or Walk operations on auto-discovered or pre-configured SNMP agents.  Please see Table 1 below for full list of Visual MIB Browser features.

Visual MIB Browser Professional - extends these capabilities with comprehensive SNMPv3 support, user assignable color-coded alarm priority settings, user definable MIB groups, database interfacing, VB scripting capabilities.  The support for SNMP Proxy Forwarder functionality has also been included to simplify configuration and use of rfc3413, Proxy MIB compliant agents.

With Release 6.0 of Visual MIB Browser Pro the user can enable SNMP Traffic Monitor and Analyzer functionality monitoring, capturing and storing SNMP packet exchanges between the MIB Browser and the Agent, an invaluable tool when pin-pointing difficult problems.  The SNMP Traffic Monitor is also available as a standalone product, however developers will benefit from having this powerful functionality available from within the Browser.

Also new is the SNMP CLI interface providing the user with complete control over the content of SNMP PDUs, for example issuing a Get Request to any object with user provided OID.

The SNMP developers and test departments find SNMP traffic monitoring, CLI interface and VB scripting capabilities of particular interest.  A number of enclosed scripting examples provide a framework for creation of user specific regression, stress or compliance testing suites.  With VB scripting the user can extend the SNMP MIB Browser's user interface and functionality, for example a script could monitor the reception of notifications and forward summary notifications to other management application(s), based on the notifications that MIB Browser has received.

With the Release 6.0 NuDesign has further automated testing of customer’s SNMP Agent MIB’s implementations.  First the Browser determines which of the pre-loaded MIBs are implemented by the agent, then it provides for complete testing of MIB implementation.

The Read access with GetNext & Get is verified, Read-Only objects are confirmed to be not writable, Write access is verified as well.  The tests terminate with detailed report for every MIB / object tested and short summary, example of which is included below.


Of the modules currently loaded into MIB Browser, the agent at 'ip address:161' using SNMP version: 1 and read credentials: public, implements some or all of the following modules:


And following the detailed report, omitted here, a summary is provided:

RFC1213-MIB Test Results:

  • Objects tested = 174
  • No response to a Set on an object = 1
  • Objects not implemented or not instantiated = 21
  • Obsolete or deprecated objects implemented = 3
  • Writable objects implemented ReadOnly = 26
  • Object values not in range = 0
  • Object values not in enumeration = 1
  • Object values not the correct size = 0
Feature Set
Visual MIB
Visual MIB
Visual MIB
SNMPv3 User Management Wizard
Support for IPv6
Support for SNMPv1/v2
Support for SNMPv3 security
(CBC-DES or CFB128-AES-128 privacy and HMAC-MD5 or HMAC-SHA authentication)
SNMPv3 Administration Framework Support for Notifications
Device centric view for managing devices organized by network
Hierarchical device specific alarm detection, filtering, presentation and management
Device alarm "short cut" to Alarm Log
Device web interface
"Plug in" component interface for user specific functionality extension
sample "Plug in" C++ project
Expression based charting and alarm detection
SNMPv3 reports detection with configurable alarm forwarding
"Ledger" style information presentation
Table pivot view
Splitter window in pivot view to pan data.
Automatically inserts Spinlock for SNMPv3 Framework Management Operations
Integrated V3 User and Notification Management
Find SNMPv3 Agent Engine ID Tool
Create default NuDesign USM Users with single button push
SNMP Proxy Forwarder Support
Snmp "Get"
Snmp "Walk"
Snmp "Set"
support for UTF-8 encoding for Windows-1252 character set
Easy viewing of Scalar, Table, Row and Columnar Objects
Quick Set from Get Scalar, Table, or Row Object Applets
SNMP CLI interface to the SNMP Agent
(provides for complete control over PDU fields, for example Get any object with a user provided OID)
User assignable, color coded alarm and trap priorities
Alarm Detection & Notifications through Emails or Traps
Multiple, user selectable, alarm detection algorithms
SNMP Trap / Notification Send / Receive Tool
Includes MIB Compiler (settable error tolerances)
Enhanced MIB loading (multiple user - definable MIB search directories)
Maintains a MIB Load / Unload log
Automatic resolution of MIB IMPORT dependencies.
View Module Dependencies and Predecessors
User definable MIBs groups
MIB Viewer & Editor that presents errors of MIB being loaded in a diagnostic view
MIB Component Tab view
VB and JScript capabilities (included are sample scripts implementing typical SNMP functions)
Enhanced scripting object model with access to internal components, such as the MIB compiler.
Automatically finds what MIB modules the agent implements
(of the MIB modules currently loaded into the MIB Browser )
Tests the MIB modules the agent implements
(it evaluates SNMP read / write access compliance using Get-Next / Get / Set.  Tests write operation on read-only objects.  Produces report.)
Save and Replay previous operations
Logging (alarms, received notifications, SNMP operation results):
    - to Text File
    - to Database
    - to Excel spreadsheet
Improved browsing and searching
SNMP session characteristics short cut
Create, manage and execute: queries / groups / scripts
Hyperlinking of MIB variables to source ASN.1 MIB docs
Select Browser nodes, queries, etc. as "Go to Favorites"
Select Device nodes as "Go to Favorites"
SNMP Traffic Monitor and Analyzer (capture, custom filter, decode, store & retrieve SNMPv1/v2c/v3 exchanges, including encrypted.  Display using object’s MIB names)
Support for UDP port numbers up to 65535

    *    walk up to 5 objects at a time with Visual MIB Browser Basic

Table 1. Feature Set Comparison

Detailed Feature List

Visual MIB Browser provides:

With Visual MIB Browser you can:

Visual MIB Browser Professional provides these additional features:

With Visual MIB Browser Professional you can:

Please also view our on-line Tutorial on use of NuDesign SNMP Tools and download the NuDesign Visual MIB Browser Products Datasheet, a short presentation on Visual MIB Browser Professional and NuDesign Product Line Application Note (Acrobat PDF format).

Support Contracts and Upgrades

Support Services Contract offers one year of product maintenance updates plus 10 support incidents.  Please note that extended support contracts and design consulting services are available as well.  For more details see our Pricing & License Options document.